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Parish Information

Region: North - Zone: York County (13)

Parish Boundaries:
North: Ravenshoe Road
East: York Durham Line (Concession Rd 1)
South: St. John's Sideroad, north on Highway 404, west on Davis Drive to the Creek (between Bolton Avenue and Patterson Street)
West: North on the Creek to Green Lane, west on Green Lane, north on Bathurst Street, Holland River
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17955 Leslie Street
Newmarket, ON
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Office/Mailing Address
17955 Leslie Street
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 9A4

t:  905.853.5009
e stelizabethsetonne@archtoronto.org

St. Elizabeth Seton Church wide angle

Rev. Roy Roberts

Deacon Marian Pawliszko
Deacon Assistant

Deacon Stephen Pitre
Deacon Assistant

Parish Staff
Ann Lynch
Parish Administrator

Jennifer McAvoy
Sacraments Co-ordinator

Priest giving communion
Mass Schedule
10:00 AM (English)

10:00 AM (English)

10:00 AM (English)

10:00 AM (English)

Saturday Vigil
4:30 PM (English)

9:00 AM (English)
11:00 AM (English)

Last Sunday
5:00 PM (Polish)
(May be celebrated on a different Sunday for Christmas and Easter.)